STG - for ALL your transport problems

In todays world, transport and shipping can be a nightmare – not to mention the documentation.

The STG team are here to help, it’s something we have been doing for over 25 years. Your problem will be dealt with by a dedicated Account Manager.

You’ll be given their contact details – email address, direct line and mobile number.

Get in touch today and discover the difference at STG:

What constitutes a transport problem?

Literally anything and everything. Your problem may be relatively simple – a single trailer movement, which has to be arranged at short notice. On the other hand, it could be something much more complex – involving route surveys, cargo inspections, dismantling, packing, cranes, trucks, ships or planes – carefully monitored all the way through to the final destination, whether this is local or further afield, perhaps even to somewhere inaccessible or remote.

We are independent and totally neutral, we only work with “the best of the best” – organisations we have known for many years – each one a specialist in its own field. For the full range, take a look at the Services section – inevitably the solution will be a combination of several disciplines, some significant, some less so – each one playing a vital role in ensuring that the cargo is delivered safely, to budget and on time.

Why is STG different?

However large or small, every enquiry is dealt with by a Senior Account Manager or Director. It is his or her personal commitment which makes the difference. To underline this, you will be provided with their email address, direct line and mobile number.

Your Account Manager is your single point of contact – he or she will keep you fully informed throughout – from the date of your enquiry, through to the final delivery.

On the rare occasion that your Account Manager doesn’t have the answer – as a member of the team – one of his/her colleagues most certainly will. For a larger project, it could be a combination of several Account Managers – each with their own, individual skills – all reporting through a single contact.

Needless to say, your Account Manager will be looking to develop a long term, working relationship – even if this happens to be only once or twice a year.

The combined experience of the stg team is unrivalled – add in the level of commitment and occasionally the need to innovate, and you have a winning combination.