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STG - for ALL your transport problems

In todays world, transport and shipping can be a nightmare – not to mention the documentation.

The STG team are here to help, it’s something we have been doing for over 25 years. Your problem will be dealt with by a dedicated Account Manager.

You’ll be given their contact details – email address, direct line and mobile number.

Get in touch today and discover the difference at STG:

Transport Problems

It may well be that you don’t have a problem, what you really want is a better service – being able to speak with an Account Manager who not only knows what is happening, but also their concentrating solely on ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible

On the other hand, you may have a problem – your cargo is perhaps oversize, to somewhere remote, invaluable, time critical or whatever – this is where STG comes into its own.

For almost 30 years, STG has been solving transport problems.

Some of these are highlighted in our problem section – the list is by no means comprehensive, just illustrative of some of the challenges faced by the STG team over the years.

Transport Solutions

Over the years, STG has worked with some of the finest organisations in the world. At one extreme, there is the operator in Austria, with just two low loaders, specialising in abnormal loads from Germany to Turkey. At the other extreme, major players operating standard trailers throughout Europe.

The same applies to ships’ agents and owners, stevedores, port authorities, crane specialists, customs agents, packers, warehousing, local authorities, etc – scattered throughout the world.

In total, an arsenal of over 700 organisations – contacts built up over 30 years, all with one purpose in mind – solving transport problems.

Industry Sectors

It has to be admitted that, when we came to write this section, our first thought was to list all the types of cargo moved by STG, over the last 30 years.

We started with an Asphalt Plant to Albania, progressing through a Chapel Organ from the USA to Merton College, Oxford, then on to a Helicopter for Cairo, Egypt.

However, it soon dawned on us that this wasn’t practical, the list stretched into the far distance – there just wasn’t the space.

Therefore, purely on an illustrative basis, we have listed just a few of the industries STG has been involved in over the years – some have been a constant throughout, some have been a “one off” i.e. The London Eye.


Although the experience of the STG Team goes back almost 30 years, several members go back even further – in one case, another 20 years, making a grand total of 50 years.

It goes without saying that, throughout this period, there have been considerable changes. In the early days, just making an international call was a challenge. Before the Iron Curtain came down, we can well remember attempting to make a call from Warsaw to the UK, an exercise that took almost a whole afternoon!

Since then, telex has been replaced by fax, subsequently being replaced by the internet – with mobile phones nowadays it is rare event to be somewhere with a poor signal.

Thanks to a “hands on” approach – in the early years involving multiple route surveys and country visits – combined with vastly improved communications, the experience of the STG Team has come forward in leaps and bounds, underpinning the success of every project.

Why is STG different?

However large or small, every enquiry is dealt with by a Senior Account Manager or Director. It is his or her personal commitment which makes the difference. To underline this, you will be provided with their email address, direct line and mobile number.

Your Account Manager is your single point of contact – he or she will keep you fully informed throughout – from the date of your enquiry, through to the final delivery.

On the rare occasion that your Account Manager doesn’t have the answer – as a member of the team – one of his/her colleagues most certainly will. For a larger project, it could be a combination of several Account Managers – each with their own, individual skills – all reporting through a single contact.

Needless to say, your Account Manager will be looking to develop a long term, working relationship – even if this happens to be only once or twice a year.

The combined experience of the stg team is unrivalled – add in the level of commitment and occasionally the need to innovate, and you have a winning combination.