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Specialist Transportation involving Africa

Is your business operating with consignments to Africa? The combined experience of the STG team is unrivalled in solving such transport problems.

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Ghana – Nigeria – Sierra Leone – South Africa – Sudan.

Elsewhere, mentioned is made of the fact that some members of the STG Team have been solving transport problems for almost fifty years. One early project that comes to mind involved the shipment and delivery of an extrusion press from Fielding & Platt, Gloucester to Ghana.

At the time, the main challenge was that there wasn’t a trailer in Ghana sufficiently large enough to move the press from the docks to the site – in a way, easily solved, it was just a matter of shipping out a suitable vehicle (with the driver, Ian Pearsons ), at one and the same time as the main consignment.

The interesting part was that, when we arrived on site, it turned out to be a field on the outskirts of Accra – the factory had yet to be built! Remarkably, it was ten years before construction was completed, the press installed and finally commissioned – a record transit time even for STG!

Another notable project was the shipment of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa to Northern Ireland – it had to be the season where the bridges were washed away, causing lengthy detours!

Over the years, other projects have included shipments to Nigeria (construction equipment), Sierra Leone (water filtration plant, in the fight against Ebola) and the Sudan (transformers etc).


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