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Transport projects involving Central & South America

Is your business operating with consignments to Central & South America? The combined experience of the STG team is unrivalled in solving such transport problems.

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Brazil – Chile – Mexico.

All three have featured in the STG portfolio, perhaps the most interesting being to Guadalajara, Mexico. As with many of the projects performed by STG, the exercise was time critical in the extreme.

In essence, the manufacturing facility was in the UK. The customer had decided to transfer production to Mexico. Objective number 1 was to build up a reserve of product, their problem. Objective number 2 was to dismantle the production line, transfer to Mexico, reassemble and commission – before the reserve started to run out, STGs problem.

For this reason alone, sea freight was out of the question – the transit time being too long, with air freight being the only option. By chartering a DC10 freighter and carefully choreographing the delivery to and from the aircraft, the exercise from “switch off” in the UK to “switch on” in Guadalajara took just under ten days.

Given that minutes/hours were critical, at every stage of the way, the consignment was supervised by a STG Senior Account Manager, who never let it out of his sight.

In the case of both Brazil and Chile, suitable services were not available direct from the UK, hence the sea freight connections being through Antwerp and Hamburg – an illustration of the versatility afforded by the STG Team.

Specialist Transport involving Central and South America

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