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Rest of the World: Specialist Transport

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Whilst STG can justifiably claim to have been to every corner of the globe, there are some omissions that we hope we can put right in the future.

Although many of the African countries are currently in turmoil, there are large parts yet to be “conquered” by STG. Having said that, roads need to be built, rail track is virtually nonexistent, air freight is the only option – assuming, of course, there is a suitable runway!

Occasionally, very occasionally, we decide somewhere is a “no go” area. Well before the Taliban took control (August 2021), we were asked if we could deliver a fire tender to Kabul. Given that we had just done a delivery to Uzbekistan, in theory, it didn’t seem impossible. However, when we discovered that part of the route was controlled by “war lords”, demanding enormous transit fees, we decided “enough was enough”.

Finally, one that we really wanted to get – a delivery from Italy to Iceland. The customer asked if we could do a direct trailer movement from Parma to Reykjavik, without transshipment. After careful research, routing via Denmark, we came to the conclusion that the project was feasible. Unfortunately, the deal fell through “at the eleventh hour” – despite this, hopefully, the research will come in useful at some time in the future.


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