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Specialist Transport involving Russia & Former USSR

Is your business operating with consignments to Russia or the former Soviet states? The combined experience of the STG team is unrivalled in solving such transport problems.

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Armenia – Azerbaijan – Belarus – Kazakhstan – Russia.

It goes without saying that, directly as a consequence of the Ukraine conflict, Russia and the former USSR states are no longer active markets for STG. Despite this, the experience and contacts built up over a number of years, could eventually still prove invaluable.

Among the many contracts to Russia there were deliveries to not only Moscow but also Ivanova, Yaroslavl, St Petersburg, Tolyatti, Saratov etc.

Perhaps the “most ambitious” was the delivery of a furnace, measuring over 5.00m wide from the UK (Oxted), via Russia, to Karaganda (Kazakhstan). Thankfully it was during the summer months, in winter conditions it would have been impossible. Although we have yet to be challenged, we believe that this is the longest distance for an abnormal load, under police escort throughout.

Moving on to Azerbaijan (Baku), the call came asking if STG could deliver a luxury motor home from the UK, within seventeen days – the deadline being that it was a birthday present for the customers wife.

Needless to say to say, STG rose to the challenge. By the careful but critical use of specialist trailers and ferry connections, we made it on time – the final task being to clean the motor home, prior to the birthday party.

PS We would just mention that the customer had also purchased linen, cutlery, glasses etc from Harrods – if they were delivered to STG, would we make certain they were on board, no problem.

Specialist transport involving Russia and former USSR countries

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