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It has to be admitted that STG have yet to be asked to move a complete building, something perhaps for the future. On the other hand, STG have been involved in many of the landmark buildings throughout London and beyond.

Perhaps the most noteworthy was Portcullis House in Westminster, opened in 2001 to provide offices for 213 Members of Parliament and their staff. The floor sections, forming a multi-storey quadrangle, 424 in total, each one abnormal in its own right, were pre-fabricated in Belgium.

The difficult part was that the lower face represented the finished ceiling of the floor above i.e. not to be marked in any way. Essentially it meant that each section had to be carried “in suspension”, without touching the trailer floor. In its own right, an interesting challenge before one takes into account the timed, sequential delivery each night into Central London – to correspond with the build program – no pressure then!

With the air filtration units for new Intel chip production facility just outside Dublin, the delivery window was 16.00hrs to 17.30hrs, each Friday evening. The bottom line was that, if a vehicle missed its slot, it then had to wait a week, until the following Friday – at our expense. Thankfully we made certain that this never happened!

In many ways, the demands of the building industry are similar to many others – if it doesn’t go right first time, the consequences can be considerable.

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