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Electrical Equipment Transport Projects

Is your business operating in the electrical industry and facing transport challenges? The combined experience of the STG team is unrivalled in solving such transport problems.

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Over the years, STG has been involved in cargo with an electrical association – from the smallest generator to the largest transformer.

Prior to the aircraft carrier being de-commissioned in 2011, STG were responsible for delivering an urgent, stand-by generator to the Ark Royal, to correspond with the carrier berthing in Piraeus, Greece. If we had missed the connection, it was a case of catching up at the next port of call – ad infinitum!

Moving up a level, there was the transformer to the Joint European Torus facility at Culham, this being part of the European fusion research project. Disregarding all the usual issues, the request was to deliver on Christmas Eve – to also organise discharge, positioning and lining/levelling, all in a days work for STG.

At the far extreme, this time the transformer was from Melegnano, near Milan to Sheerness. Too high and too heavy to come by road, using a hydraulic modular trailer, Phase 1 was in the opposite direction – to Porto Marghera, the working port of Venice. Phase 2 involved a charter vessel, sailing south down the Adriatic, through the Mediterranean to final arrival at Sheerness. As the vessel berthed, the waiting crane swung into action, with another modular trailer making the final, one mile sprint into the customers works.

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