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Wherever possible, STG try to make quotations as comprehensive as possible. In other words, in the vast majority of cases, the figure that appears on the quotation is the figure that appears on the final invoice.

However, there are two areas where extra costs could arise:

  • The first concerns exclusions, which are always specified on the quotation. These apply mainly in the case of abnormal loads where there is a possibility of police escorts, the removal of street furniture & overhead cables etc. These will always be discussed well in advance and, in any event, be recharged strictly in accordance with invoices received from the related parties.
  • The second concerns unforeseen delays, outside of the control of STG, charged in the form of demurrage. These mainly apply to loading delays (senders responsibility), customs delays (if relevant) and discharge delays (receivers responsibility). Whatever the circumstance, the customer is advised immediately and efforts made to minimise the delay.   

In large part, thanks to the Account Manager relationship, customers are kept fully informed at all times.