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Customs Documentation Needed for Specialist Transport

Have you got a consignment that needs to cross a border and requires customs documentation? The combined experience of the STG team is unrivalled in solving such transport problems.

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Customs Documentation after Brexit

At least as far as Europe is concerned, with the advent of Brexit, a whole raft of additional paperwork came into play – essentially the machinery of exporting and importing. At STG our role is to help the customer ensure that nothing is overlooked – all the relevant documentation is prepared well in advance, with every “i dotted” and “t crossed”.

Customs Documentation for other markets

The same applies to other markets – albeit, in most cases, at a much more complex level. Not only certified invoices but also import licences, certificates of origin and a myriad of other documentation. Should any of the cargo be categorised as hazardous, even down to the smallest tin of paint, yet another set of rules come into force.

Customs Documentation for Hazardous materials

Disregarding consignments for the armed forces, perhaps the most demanding some years ago involved radioactive material, albeit low grade – where pre-planned, overnight parking, involving a safety exclusion zone, were just a part of the precautions.

Nothing overlooked

The bottom line is that the accompanying documentation will be scrutinised by customs and others throughout the route – at what could be numerous checkpoints – the slightest error can lead to extended delays and unforeseen expense – an important part of STGs role is to help the customer make certain that nothing is overlooked, everything is prepared well in advance.

The right solutions

At STG we solve transport problems – it’s as simple as that. Below are some related posts that may also be of interest. If you would like to speak to a dedicated account manager for some expert advice please call us or send a message.

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