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Permits and Authorisations for Specialist Transport

Have you got a consignment that might require a permit or authorisation? The combined experience of the STG team is unrivalled in solving such transport problems.

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When are Permits or Authorisation Needed For Transporting Cargo?

When the standard dimensions and weights are exceeded, permits come into play. For our part, we have always considered the word licence more appropriate. Essentially the permit is a license to carry out the movement using a specific vehicle, at the characteristics declared, along an approved route, on the dates and times agreed.

The Importance of Being Precise with Transport Paperwork

It is a legal document which, if not correctly declared, can lead to enormous consequences. Strangely enough, in some countries, if the vehicle is below the dimensions stated on the permit, it is automatically invalidated – resulting in a new application, causing an extended delay.

The Procedures for Applying for Permits or Authorisation for Transport

Needless to say, the procedure to apply for permits varies enormously from country to country – some are obtained regionally, some nationally – a few in multiple languages. At the lowest end, say under 3.00m wide with no other abnormalities, normally it is possible to make all the arrangements in a matter of hours.

However, as the gross characteristics increase (dimensions/weights), so does the length of time needed to arrange the permits – this can range from a matter of days to several weeks. In the more extreme cases, particularly if a similar movement has never been carried out in the past, it is not uncommon for it to take as long as six months.

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