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Specialist Transport for Divisible or Indivisible Freight

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What is Divisible or Indivisible Cargo / Freight?

When is cargo regarded as divisible or, conversely, indivisible? Dependent on the route, it may be that one or all of transit countries insist that efforts are made to reduce the dimensions/weight of the cargo. In some countries, they may require evidence to show that everything possible has been done to reduce the size, minimising potential delays to other road users.

On the other hand, there may be significant cost advantages to reducing the overall dimensions. By limiting the width, perhaps with just the removal of a simple bracket, it may obviate the need for escorts – significantly reducing the overall, freight cost. If this is applied to multiple movements, over the course of a year, the savings can be quite considerable.

Which leads to the next point – when is it possible to load ancillary items on the same trailer as abnormal cargo? As a simple rule of thumb, even though the main item may be abnormal,  provided the overall characteristics do not exceed the legal maximum allowable, it should be possible to co-load other cargo, always provided it is “related” to the main item.

An intimate knowledge of the regulations, ensuring that each trailer is “fully freighted” on departure, can potentially result in reducing the overall number of trailers required – keeping costs to the absolute minimum.

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