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Using Open, Flat Trailers for Transport Projects

Have you got a consignment that requires a specialist trailer? The combined experience of the STG team is unrivalled in solving such transport problems.

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When are Open, Flat Trailers needed

On occasion, a specialist low loader is overkill. On the other hand, a Euroliner with a fixed canopy is impractical, normally because the cargo needs to be crane loaded. This is where open, flat trailers come into the equation.

However, as with everything, they have their limitations – certainly they are not suitable for cargo with a high centre of gravity, equally they are unsuited to concentrated, point loadings.

As far as STG is concerned, flat trailers are utilised mainly where machinery transport is involved – numerous pieces, all with irregular dimensions and weights. Which then leads into the next issue – adequately lashing and securing each piece individually.

On major projects, it is not uncommon for STG to recommend that a lashing specialist is provided on site, with a stockpile of lashing material – this helps to ensure that every trailer departs fully freighted, with the least possible delay and all the pieces correctly lashed/secured/documented.

The only downside with open, flat trailers is that, unlike Euroliners, they are a specialist item and therefore not in high demand – in other words, rarely available ‘at the drop of a hat’.

Despite this, in common with many other problems, if anyone has a solution, it is the STG Team.

The right solutions

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