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Specialist Transport Consultancy

Have you got a transport project that requires a level of expertise? The combined experience of the STG team is unrivalled in solving such transport problems.

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Consultancy comes in various guises, no two are the same – the only commonality being that they draw on the vast experience built up by the STG Team over the years.

Purely as examples:

  • The customer was considering building a new facility near Kings Lynn. With the largest pieces, they had the option of manufacturing in either Poland, Hungary or India – purely from a logistical point of view, they needed to know which one was likely to be the least troublesome.
  • In this instance, the manufacturer was about the embark on a sales drive in Europe. He needed budget prices, on three basic models, to twenty seven countries – a total of 81, separate calculations. At an average time of one hour per calculation, roughly a fortnight’s work for a member of the STG Team.
  • The customer, a design consultancy, was in the process of redesigning the manufacturer’s product range. The bottom line was that, if they recommended modifications in order to achieve the maximum efficiency, the probability is that it would then prove impossible to move economically.

It is true to say that STG have turned down consultancy projects – normally where it is self evident that the cost is unlikely to reap any tangible benefits – we always work on a minimum ratio of ten – if £10 is spent with us, will it save the customer at least £100?

The right solutions

At STG we solve transport problems – it’s as simple as that. Below are some related posts that may also be of interest. If you would like to speak to a dedicated account manager for some expert advice please call us or send a message.

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